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FUTURAMA - Sociedade de Mediação Imobiliária Lda, founded in 1985, is a reference company in the national scene with a long history in the field, recognized as one of the oldest and most credible real estate brokerage companies nationwide, based in Cascais and Representative offices in Angola (Lubango and Lobito) and Brazil (Curitiba).


Graduated successively by the (CMOP, IMOPPI, INCI and IMPIC - has the AMI License nº 280 of the oldest in Portugal), has already proven its professionalism and seriousness


The FUTURAMA - Real Estate Company Ltd., was founded in 1985, is a reference company has a long history in real estate and recognized as one of the oldest and most credible companies of real estate based on the line of Cascais and representative offices in Angola and Brazil.

Duly licensed successively by (CMOP, IMOPPI, INCI and IMPIC- AMI has the license no. 280), has already demonstrated its professionalism and seriousness. Although headquartered in Wall-Cascais, is active throughout the country and abroad, (www.villasdahuila.webnode.com.pt) (www.padroneimoveis.com.br), through partnerships in the biggest and best networks and bases real estate data via the Internet in various MLS-Multiple Listing Service (real estate databases), in the media, by personal knowledge and their customers with database loyal over these more than 30 years.

Our curricullum: Associate former agent's in 1987, was part of 1991-2005, the governing bodies of APEMI that after the merger gave rise to APEMIP - Association of Professionals and Real Estate Companies in Portugal seven years as Vice President the National Directorate four years as President of the National Directorate, two years as President of the General Assembly again in 2003/4, a member of the National Board as Vice-President, and between 2005/6 as President of the Regional Directorate of Lisbon and Vale Tagus. Was awarded the title of honorary associate of the agent's No.1 in 1994. He was the founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, the official Journal of the agent's - Real Estate Market from the foundation until June 2004.Foi Director, non-executive, 2003-2006 Buy-Casa Real Estate Network (UCI-Paribas, Santander group). No longer a member of these organizations for their initiative.

The FUTURAMA was one of the ten mediators of real estate, invited by EXPO URBE through (Complementary ACELIS-grouping of Lisbon Enterprises), to sell their land for the construction of housing, which has made great success, effectiveness and professionalism, and It has been enhanced with this in a document issued by its management.


We have own facilities, located in one of the best locations in the wall at the corner of Avª. Volunteer Firefighters, no. 3b with Rua José Elias Garcia, modernly equipped and computerized, networked by the various sections of a modern specific software system for real estate, with the images of the properties display, product listings by categories, technical information and connected to the world via the Internet 24 hours a day.

- We have permanently properties in national and international network, including apartments, villas, land, shops, offices and warehouses;

- A sales department with fund-teams / vendors and consultants, operating in various locations of Cascais, particularly in Oeiras, Wall and Cascais and representation in Angola, (Our Home) and Brazil (PAYSAGE CONDOMINIUMS and Padrone PROPERTY);

 - Department of leases with professionals dedicated to this area. We lease management since 1985 of resident owners in Australia, Canada, Namibia, South Africa, France, England, etc.
We have a Secretariat for professional monitoring of the entire bureaucratic process;

 - A liability insurance in the amount of € 150,000.00 (One hundred and Fifty Thousand Euros), to guarantee our services.


The services we provide:


- Real estate Mediation for sale and rent - leave us the uncomfortable part of the promotion, advertising, sampling, financing and referral processes;

- Market research - for investors, developers and builders with real knowledge of the market;

- Consulting - investment and development of architectural projects - advise and accompany the start of projects to final marketing stage;

- Rehabilitation - We follow the real estate rehabilitation works (free Budgets);.
Lease management - we do the uncomfortable part of the contact with tenants, issuing receipts, receipt of rent, deposits in bank accounts of the landlords, paying taxes, increase in rents, restoration monitoring and repairs, etc.


THE SALES DEPARTMENT is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18: 00horas. Saturdays by appointment only;
I invite you (a) make us a query www.futurama.pt or telephone 00 351 21 4561387, about their real estate needs.


Eduardo Luís Evangelista
Managing Partner
+351 91 333 11 76

Yanet Rosales
 +351 91 119 44 68

e-mail: futurama@futurama.pt - futurama.imobiliaria@gmail.com - eluis24@yahoo.com

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Contact us, Your property will be marketed by the best professionals
Contact us, Your property will be marketed by the best professionals
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